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School Board Conservatives-

Bio and contact info
  • Sandi Rees, Area A 4-yr I have deep roots in our community, having been here since 1965. All of my education has been in Laramie schools, including a BS in Agricultural Communications and Masters studies in Adult Education. Furthermore, I am a parent of three ACSD1 students. I have lived in multiple places and taught in three states. That includes Adult Basic Education, GED, English as a Second Language, and Workplace Literacy. I have also taught as a substitute teacher for six years across a wide spectrum of classes. One of the most important lessons I learned as a teacher was that my priorities and agendas were irrelevant in the classroom. I checked them at the door and was a subject matter expert who’s only role was to educate students. The purpose of the American Public Education System is to EDUCATE our students in academic and vocational skills so they can succeed in life. It is not to indoctrinate them to political or sexual agendas. We need to be raising life-long learners with great critical thinking skills to become self-sufficient and responsible citizens. That is done with a focus on academic proficiency. I will advocate for accountability and transparency, respect for parents’ rights, a quality education and improved graduation rates, and for teachers to enjoy the opportunity to teach free of distracting agendas.

  • Teri Jo Gillum, Area A 4-yr I have been a Laramie resident for 18 years. I have a successful and growing accounting and bookkeeping business doing books for many small businesses in town for the past 13 years. My experience and knowledge of public funds and grants would be of great asset as a School Board Trustee. The fiscal responsibility of this position requires complex thinking and reasoning which is necessary for making great sound decisions. My ability to pay attention to finances and regularly monitor the fiscal health of the district will ensure money is spent wisely and every penny is accounted for. I am also a mom of a child in the district and have seen the effects of the pandemic on our children. Being a Board Trustee, I would take on the responsibility to visit classrooms, talk with teachers, look at curriculums and piece together what works, what doesn’t, and what the needs are for proficiency in our district to meet goals of graduation and life paths for all our students. We have some pillars of education that need strength and improvement to see our children’s education thrive. These pillars include transparency of the district, accountability to our stakeholders, and deeper communication between administration, teachers, parents, and students. Placing your vote for me, I promise to be a fighter for our youth and their education, striving for excellence to accomplish these pillars and all else we have set before us to accomplish.

  • Leo Swope, Area B 4-yr I have a degree in education and have worked for years in educational services for kids with special needs. I also have experience in many business-related fields through consulting with various manufacturing, educational and service businesses improving their processes using technological advances. I have a passion for education, and I know my strong background, decision making skills and abilities to problem solve can and will enhance our community’s educational experiences. If you vote for me, I will increase transparency and accountability on all levels, open communication by listening and considering your concerns and priorities, help set the vision and direction to make sure all students come out with greater proficiency in the subject matter and to reduce distractions to the educational experience and protect all stakeholders to ensure fiscal responsibility. All students should be prepared for all paths the world can take them down. Not for what they think their path will end up being when they are in high school. (717) 690-5873;

  • Phoebe Newman, Area A 2-yr My husband and I have three beautiful children and have fostered numerous more, many who remain in our lives to this day. We opened our home and our hearts to share the love these children so desperately needed. It was a rewarding experience, but at times a frustrating one. Many evenings were spent at the kitchen table helping them read and write. Parents are children’s first teachers and many of these kids had never had that experience. While fostering it became apparent that public schools couldn’t always provide the education or attention they needed. Some succeeded, and others sadly, did not.I am running for School Board to represent those marginalized students, as well as my own, and the parents who support them. My own experience as a health care provider has taught me valuable people skills as my clientele are often stressed and in difficult straits. I am a caring and compassionate individual who knows how to work collaboratively to achieve good health, be it a foster child, a patient, or a school district. No one knows the current problems better than our teachers. I have reached out to many of them as we search for the best solutions to help the children. I will be a voice for parents, students, teachers, and staff. Working together we can improve education in ACSD1 and make our future a bright success story.

  • Tom Mullan, At Large I am a father and grandfather of ACSD1 students. I have seen the impact of the past two years and the response of the district. It’s obvious to me there is room for improvement in communications, respect for the stakeholders, and a thorough review of both curriculum and budget. As a member of the Armed Services for many years and a local business owner, I’ve learned a few things – Integrity, Responsibility, Business Management and Meeting Customer Expectations whether it’s a wreck survivor or an upset parent. Stakeholder involvement is vital and parents need to be invited, heard, and held accountable. Quality academics, increased graduation rates, and labor ready people are the most important things we need to focus on.

  • Mike Schilt, Area A 4-yr I am a lifelong resident of Laramie, where my wife and I raised and homeschooled six children. I have a perspective regarding education that many people do not. Parents have the responsibility and privilege to choose the education that is best for their children, whether that be homeschool, public, charter, or private. With that, parents should have a voice and a role in what their children are being taught or told by teachers, counselors, or any staff in the school system. It’s vital that our public-school programs teach materials that promote math, writing, communication, reading, and technical skills needed for a graduate to go on to continuing education, employment, military, or trade school. My goal is to get our education system back to the basics of education and to give a voice back to the parents.

  • Elliott Arthur, Area A 2-yr My past experiences include Naval Service, 20 years in the CA Highway Patrol, and 32 years as a pilot and flight instructor. I have owned and operated numerous businesses and am well acquainted with all the aspects of running a successful venture. As a boss I know the value of a well-educated employee. What do we want education to accomplish for our kids? Literacy - ability to read and understand the written word. Math Skills - ability to perform arithmetic necessary to function in life. Language - ability to speak and write the English language properly. Develop common sense and analytical thinking. (970) 888-0088 ;

  • Dan Bleak, Area A 4 year term: I'm a 30+ year resident of Laramie WY.  My wife, Nicole, and I have raised our 4 children here.  3 are graduates of LHS and our youngest is a freshman there.  I taught high school math and coached for 10 years (7 at Laramie High School).  I have a bachelors and masters in math education and a masters of business administration.  For the last 15+ years as part of an executive team for an insurance company, I have developed skills in planning, budgeting and decision making at the enterprise level.  My priorities would be to provide the highest quality education to Albany county students while providing a safe environment.  This will be best accomplished by listening to our stakeholders (students and their families, teachers, staff and community members who are involved in our educational process).  We then need to provide the resources necessary for our employees to execute those plans developed from this input and our administration. 

  • Jeff Suloff, Area A 2 year term: Candidate for Albany County School Board BIO for ACRP 10-24-22 I’m a father of two children in the district and have lived in Laramie for 25 years. I have no other formal education administration experience. I’ve worked for a local insurance company for 23 years. I understand that voters want a candidate’s opinion, but I think that is where I want them to know that I am not running with an agenda or any specific ideology. I’m not running with any specific areas that I feel need to be fixed but recognize that there will be areas that my professional experience may allow me to help improve. I want to integrate into the board, take in as much information from fellow board members and my constituents, and use that information to help make common sense decisions for the good of each and every student. My professional experience and skills in risk management, corporate planning, investigation, lobbying, multi-million-dollar budgeting, and working with multiple regulatory agencies will benefit the board. I take pride in my problem-solving and decision-making skills and am comfortable in challenging and confrontational situations. I believe this board is one of, if not the most, important boards an individual would have an opportunity to be part of. Being responsible and accountable for the oversight of the education of our district’s youth would be challenging, honorable and incredibly humbling. I know who I am, I know what I’m not, and I seek to learn and improve myself personally and professionally every day. Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to email me at (307) 760-5697; should you have any questions regarding my candidacy.

  • Gwen Clark, Area A 4 year term: Contact:

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