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November Events

Celebration Month

Updates and Announcements.First of all we want to thank and congratulate all of the candidates that put their heart and soul into this election. We gained and lost a couple of areas, but we know that you all will forge forward as we look to 2024!

Breakfast AnnouncementWe are not going to have our monthly breakfast for November and December as we regroup and make plans heading into the new year! Much thanks goes to Jerry Gruber and MaryAnne Perez, the Mars Family, Liz Parks, Fox Run and others who put this event together!

We look forward to building this party up and supporting all of our conservative candidates as we move forward. Thank you for your support. Please consider a donation to the party. The donation button is in the top right corner of our web page.

Regarding December Monthly Central Committee meeting. We will be sending out some short surveys over the next few months. Please participate and watch for those to give the party critical feedback on our candidates and party actions. Those links will be posted on our Facebook page as well as our web page.

Facebook and Emails Facebook page was taken down for the day by FB on Election Day! We don't know the reason why, but we asked for that review and it was restored the next day.We would like to have you visit our web page and Facebook frequently for announcements. We are also using our web platform to send out emails. If you are not receiving emails, please go to the web page and subscribe. We have had a couple of hiccups, but we are working them all out. You are also able to send email messages through that venue and may now pay online for donations. In order not to bog down our emails we are hoping this will be a more efficient way of communication. We would love for you to join the team to help edit and publish. Thank you to Liz P, Roxie H., Katrina C., Peg C. and soon to be joining us the Reinholds to the social media and communications platforms.

VolunteersAs we head into the next two years and Election 2024, we will need even more hands on deck! We have so much apprectiation to the people that served as poll watchers, election judges, runners, breakfast and other event volunteers. It is a very rewarding experience! Best Regards,ACRP Team 

November 11th: Canvasing board.

Open to the public


Albany County Canvassing Board

November 11, 2022

Albany County Election Building

8:30 a.m.



1. Overview of the November 8, 2022, General Election

a. Review of Voter Turnout – Early, Absentee, Election Day

b. Review Poll Books from each district and precinct


2. Executive Session pursuant to W.S. §16-4-405(a)(ix)

a. Review of Provisional Ballots

b. Review of ballot discrepancy found on September 23, 2022


3. Lunch


4. Certification of the November 8, 2022, General Election Results


5. Post Audit – 2:00 p.m.


6. Completion and Finalization of Canvass Procedures, if necessary


7. Adjourn

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