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Contact your Legislature: Call to Action:  SF0111-Child Abuse-Change of Sex 

Call to Action:  SF0111-Child Abuse-Change of Sex will be heard on Friday, January 27th at 7:30 a.m., in the Senate Labor, Health & Social Services Committee.  Please email committee members listed below, and request they Vote “YES” for SF0111.


All you need to do is copy and paste items 1,2,3 in the appropriate places, please feel free to change the message if you wish, correct the county name if needed, or leave as is, and item 4 is to add your name.


1.  Send To:  Yourself (As I did in this email), Leave Cc: blank


Bcc To:;

2.  Subject:  SF0111-Child Abuse-Change of Sex, Please Vote “YES”


3.  Message:  


Dear Senator,


As a resident of ____________ County, I support SF0111-Child Abuse-Change of Sex


·       This BRAVE legislation, and the offenses created herein, will serve to protect children from the harm of trendy ideas of sex and science that is not yet well understood.

·        There is no evidence sex change therapy or surgical interventions are safe for children.

·       Castration, mutilation of body parts, and hormone therapies do not allow for a do-over due to regret. The harms include denial of future reproductive abilities and sexual satisfaction as well as psychological dysfunction.

·        Children do not have the legal or mental capacity to consent. We protect our children from untested ideas for the very reason that the adult and child power structure is lopsided.

·       The idea that biological sex can be artificially changed is a high water mark in medical misunderstanding. It has the characteristics of a contagious fad. That parents and medical providers would profit financially and psychologically from a cultural shift at the expense of our children is more damning than previous experiments with bloodletting and lobotomies.

·        Other countries and U.S. have outlawed, or are in the process of outlawing, this practice.

·       IF THIS BILL WERE NOT TO PASS it would say a lot about the state of our state.  It would give to those who confuse sex affirmation therapy and permanent harm the green light to go ahead with madness.


Please Vote “YES” for SF0111.   

Thank you!


4.  Add your Name:  (Address optional)

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