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Contact your Legislator:Call to Action: Senate File 0054-Judges-Housing Allowance

Call to Action: Senate File 0054-Judges-Housing Allowance will be heard in the  Wyoming Senate Appropriations Committee, Thursday, January 19th at noon. Please email the Senate members below and request they vote “NO” on this bill.


Please send the necessary Legislators (listed below) a message so they will know what your expectations are concerning this bill, voting yes/no.  All you need to do is copy and paste items 1,2,3 in the appropriate places, please feel free to change the message if you wish or leave as is, and item 4 is add to your name.


1.  Send To:  Yourself (As I did in this email), Leave Cc: blank


Bcc To:;

2.  Subject:  Please vote “NO” on SF0054 Judges-Housing Allowance


3.  Message:  


Dear Senator,


As a resident of ________ County, Wyoming, I oppose Senate File 0054 Judges-Housing Allowance.


The Wyoming Republican Party Platform states: “The citizens of the United States are the ultimate authority. Governments possess powers derived only from the consent of the governed.”


The Wyoming Legislature is a citizen legislature and where public service is honorable and even necessary, the pay and benefits of public servants should not outpace those they serve.


SF0054 Judges-Housing Allowance gives Judges housing allowances if they live in areas of significantly higher property costs.  Currently Wyoming judges are paid anywhere from $135,000 to $175,000, well above the median family income.  The average Wyoming citizen is struggling to pay their own housing costs; why should they be required to pay for someone else’s too?


I am writing to ask you to vote “NO” on this bill. Thank you!


4.  Add your Name:  (Address optional)

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