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Contact your Legislator: Call to Action:  SF0117-Parental Rights in Education

Call to Action:  SF0117-Parental Rights in Education will be heard on the Senate Floor Wednesday, January 25th for 1st Reading.  Please email the Senate members listed below, and request they Vote “YES” for SF0117.


All you need to do is copy and paste items 1,2,3 in the appropriate places, please feel free to change the message if you wish, correct the county name if needed, or leave as is, and item 4 is to add your name.


1.  Send To:  Yourself (As I did in this email), Leave Cc: blank


Bcc To:    Jim.Anderson@wyoleg.govFred.Baldwin@wyoleg.govEric.Barlow@wyoleg.govBo.Biteman@wyoleg.govBrian.Boner@wyoleg.govAnthony.Bouchard@wyoleg.govEvie.Brennan@wyoleg.govCale.Case@wyoleg.govEd.Cooper@wyoleg.govDan.Dockstader@wyoleg.govOgden.Driskill@wyoleg.govAffie.Ellis@wyoleg.govTim.French@wyoleg.govDan.Furphy@wyoleg.govLarry.Hicks@wyoleg.govLynn.Hutchings@wyoleg.govBob.Ide@wyoleg.govStacy.Jones@wyoleg.;

2.  Subject:  SF0117-Parental Rights in Education, Please Vote “YES”


3.  Message:  


Dear Senator,


As a resident of __________ County, I support SF0117-Parental Rights in Education because the bill demonstrates that the rights of children as protected by their parents are paramount to the school governmental agency. 


·        Parental notification is also required for changes in services or monitoring of a student’s mental, emotional or physical health or well-being.

·        Parental notification is required for health care services offered or provided, and the option to decline.   

·        This legislation recognizes legal remedies with actual teeth for parents to initiate a complaint and a timeline for complaint resolution is given.

·        However, there are two places in the bill which require an amendment because they limit the scope to just grades kindergarten through three, and should apply to K-12.

One is the excellent prohibition against instruction for sexual orientation and gender identity.  This is material which should never be taught in schools; rather it is an area which must be reserved to family. 

The other is the excellent provision that student well-being questionnaires or health screenings require parental permission.


Please Vote “YES” for SF0117. 

Thank you!


4.  Add your Name: (Address optional)

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