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Contact your Legislator!  HB0049-Municipal Nonpartisan Rank Choice Elections

Call to Action:  HB0049-Municipal Nonpartisan Rank Choice Elections.  

This legislation sets forth a framework to initiate the first ever [Municipal] Rank Choice Pilot Elections Voting Program in Wyoming.  HB0049 will be heard in the House of Representatives Corporations, Elections & Political Subdivisions Committee on Monday, January 16th at noon recess.  Please email committee members listed below, and request they Vote “NO” on HB49.


All you need to do is copy and paste items 1,2,3 in the appropriate places, please feel free to change the message if you wish, correct the county name if needed, or leave as is, and item 4 is to add your name.


1.  Send To:  Yourself (As I did in this email), Leave Cc: blank


Bcc To:;


2.  Subject:  HB0049-Municipal Nonpartisan Rank Choice Elections, Please Vote “NO”


3.  Message:  


Dear Representative,


As a resident of Sheridan County, I oppose HB0049-Municipal Nonpartisan Rank Choice Elections


·        Rank Choice voting would dilute every individual vote into a fraction of a whole vote.


·        It dramatically increases the cost of every election.  Per the Corporations Committee discussion (Oct. 14,2022)


                     Initial cost= $329,000

                     Per election= $230,000

                     Change in Registration forms= $55,000

                     Training per County= $45,000


·        The new ESS election equipment currently in use has no Rank Choice application per the Secretary of State’s office.


·        There is a Major Security concern due to the open-source software required for voting tabulations.


·        The following cities have implemented Rank Choice Voting, and they do not coincide with Wyoming’s values:  New York City, San Francisco, Santa Fe. 


Please Vote “NO” on HB0049.  Rank Choice Elections are costly, not transparent, and do not instill faith in the election processes.  Thank you!


4.  Add your Name:  (Address optional)

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