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A message from our chair on Candidates

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Senate 9

Diane Seabeck is a listener. She actively hears what people speak to her about, and she is willing to work to find solutions, both within the current framework of government, and within potential legislation. As our Senator Seabeck would work hard to find solutions to maintain a workable educational budget for our children in order that they receive the proper basic educational needs in reading, writing, math, science and history and making sure our teachers get the support they need.

House District 13

Wayne Pinch is an Albany county resident and business man. He understands what drives our economy, and he understands that local and federal overreach is harmful to innovation and expansion. Wayne has the skills it takes to be an effective representative and a voice for all Albany County residents.

House District 46

Representative Ocean Andrew is our reasonable voice for residents of Albany County. He works to assure that the conservative values of House District 46 are well heard in the Wyoming Legislature.  He offers a common sense voice in the Wyoming legislature, particularly on platform issues such as education and business.

House District 14

Bryan Schuster has leadership qualities that will make him one of the top legislators in Wyoming. Bryan has an ability to listen, process, and understand situations that is much needed in the Wyoming Legislature. He in diligent in researching issues that are pertinent to Albany County residents and asks for input from others regarding those issues.

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